Bike Fitting Services

  • Do you experience pain in your back, shoulders, knees, neck, hands or anywhere else while you ride?
  • Is your bike uncomfortable?
  • Do you develop hot spots on your feet?
  • Are you looking to get more out of your riding?
  • Do you want to increase your pedaling efficiency?
  • Do you wish to optimize your position for racing?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you are a candidate for a professional bicycle fit!

Here at Element Sports we have professionally certified fitters to help you be comfortable on your bike and get the most out of your ride.  Our fitters are certified through BikeFit — “The worldwide leader in bike fitting products and education.”

We offer the following fitting services:

Comprehensive Fit. This is our most complete fitting service.  We will tailor the complete bicycle to fit your specific needs.  We will work especially with all your contact points with the bike: hands, feet, and bottom.  A Comprehensive Fit takes 2-4 hours plus a shorter return visit after one month.  Cost: $250 or $150 with purchase of a bicycle.

Basic Fit. This service is designed to aid you in choosing the correct size bicycle.  We will assist you in setting the seat height and reach to put you in comfortable and efficient position.  We will also determine for you if your current bike is too large or small for you.  A Basic Fit takes about 30-40 minutes.  Cost: $75 or FREE with purchase of a bicycle.

Cleat Fit. This service is designed for those who utilize cycling classes in a gym setting.  We will determine the proper position for the cleats on your shoes, as well as measuring your feet to see if wedges would be necessary for your cleats or shoes.  A Cleat Fit takes about 30 minutes.  Cost: $50

If you are interested in having a fit, please click the link below to fill out a questionnaire.  We will respond and work with you to schedule a fitting.

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