COVID-19 and Element Sports

Currently, the world is in turmoil due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.  Governor Northam announced Executive Order 53 on March 23 which forced many businesses to close through April 23.  He then issued a stay-at-home order (EO 55) on March 30 extending those closures to June 10 and outlining misdemeanors for gatherings over 10 people.  As outlined in EO53, Element Sports, as a brick and mortar retail business may remain open, but must limit patrons to no more than 10 inside at a time and practice social distancing (rather easy for us, as we don’t usually have that many at once).

Federal guidelines outline bicycle shops as essential businesses, as they fall under transportation.  Element Sports is committed to servicing our customers through this difficult time and have made arrangements to keep you safe.  We are regularly disinfecting, adhering to the 10 patron limit, and practicing social distancing.  If you are sick, please do not enter the store; if you appear unwell, we may politely ask you to leave.

We are also offering curbside service: simply call from your phone in your car and we can come out to get your bike if you are bringing it in for service.  Or if you are making a purchase, we can take you order over the phone and run the item out to you.  Or you can call from home and we can ship your item to you.  Furthermore, if you are within Winchester, we offer free pick up and delivery of your bicycle for service; a small charge if you are further afield.  Whatever method you are most comfortable with, we are happy to serve you.

We believe our services are more important than ever.  Doctors have made it clear that outdoor exercise is vital to physical and mental health.  Governor Northam has encouraged outdoor recreation for exercise (provided social distancing is practiced!).  Cycling is a great form of exercise and an easy way to do so while maintaining social distance from others.  We are here to sell and service bicycles, along with our other sporting goods to help you stay healthy and safe.


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