Dirt Farm Brewing Hill Climb

Dirt Farm Brewing Hill Climb
Saturday, July 20 8-11am

Congratulations to Lucas McCollum and Jen Everhard, male and female winners!  Full Results Here!

So you think you can climb, eh?  But can you really climb?  And repeat that climb?  How many times can you do it? 

Element Adventures is proud to announce an elimination hill climb event in partnership with Dirt Farm Brewing in Bluemont, Virginia.  Dirt Farm features a driveway that is 1/2 mile long at an average grade of 16%! (with pitches over 22%!).  The event will be an elimination style event.  Whoever can do the most reps up the drive without putting a foot down while on the climb wins!  It’s not a race, exactly.  You do 10 reps quick, but falter on number 11, and someone else is slower, but makes it 16 reps, he’s going to win. It’s a matter of conservation of energy on a climb that doesn’t let you conserve a thing on the way up.

The Strava segment that will essentially be the course can be found here: https://www.strava.com/segments/18119369
We will have the start and finish of the climb marked in chalk.

Your entry fee will include a ticket for one beer at the brewery after the event, good for only that day.  The brewery is going to open at 11am (an hour early) just for us!

This event is limited to 30 riders due to space, so register early! 

Location: Dirt Farm Brewing. 18701 Foggy Bottom Road, Bluemont, VA 20135

Date: Saturday, July 20.  If the weather is bad, we have set a rain date for Saturday, July 27

Time: Please arrive between 7:00 and 7:30 am, as parking is at the top of the drive. Event meeting at 7:45. It will be brief, then we’ll roll down to the bottom of the hill to get started right at 8:00 am!  Event will end at 11:00 am.


Bikes: Any bicycle is allowed (except e-bikes, of course, lol).  The driveway is paved, though a little rough at the bottom.  A road bike is great because it’s lightweight, but you may opt for the low gears of a mountain bike.  There will be a Hard Man award for those on bikes with 1 to 1 as their easiest gearing who make it at least half a dozen reps!

Climbing: Once you cross the start line, you must remain upright on the bike until you cross the finish line at the top.  Put a foot down or have to walk at any point, you’re out!  Also, you must stay on the paved section while climbing.  Paperboying up is fine, but not using the entirety of the gravel that is found on both sides of the driveway.  We’ll have a few marshals/spotters to keep you honest!  (if you end up in the gravel a little bit at times, especially to go around others, you will not be penalized).  Remember, there will be other riders going up, as well as down, so be aware.  Generally, accidentally getting in each other’s way and being caused to put a foot down will result in your elimination (extenuating circumstances or purposeful blocking may get you a pass to continue – event director has final say).  Of course, purposeful blocking is not permitted.

Descending: Please be very cautious when descending.  Climbers have the right of way, period.  You may use the paved section to descend if it’s clear, but we encourage you to use the gravel at the side.  You may walk down.

Breaks: There will be a table at the top with gels, bars, water, Heed, etc.  Time between reps is not to be longer than 10 minutes.  Generally, this will be on the honor system.  But if we notice you hanging around up top for 1/2 an hour, you’ll be considered out.  When you descend for another rep, you’ll be expected to immediately turn around and start back up!

10:30 break, last rep: At 10:30 we will stop allowing riders to start their next rep up, just for a few minutes to let Dirt Farm employees to drive up the drive to get the brewery open.  So you may get an extra long break without repercussion if you are at the top already at that time. Last rep must be started by 10:59:59 on the event coordinator’s watch.



Overall: The top man and woman will each receive a custom winner’s cycling jersey, a $70 value.  The design has not been finalized, yet, but w

ill be close to the jersey pictured that is for sale.  It will have the addition of a graphic that has your name and Winner.  It will take a few weeks to receive the jersey, as we will have to have it made in your size.  In the event of a tie for number of reps, the first to finish the last rep will win.  In the unlikely event that there is some difficulty in determining that between any competitors, a drawing will be held among those to determine the Champion.  The winners will also receive another very nice surprise!

Hard Man award:  If you compete on a bike with no lower gearing than 1 to 1 (say like a road bike with 50/34 by 11/32), and make it at least 6 reps up without putting a foot down, you will earn a stick of Body Glide Cycle Glide and a bottle of Advil.  You’ll need them!



REGISTRATION FEE: $30 before July 1, $40 through July 19.  Day of registration $50, if space is available.

What’s included with registration: Entry to the ride, a custom bib for the bike, a stocked aid station,  and 1 ticket for a beer at the brewery after the event.  Be sure to stick around even if you end up out early on to cheer the others on and get your beer!  The brewery also offers food for sale, like flatbreads, etc, if you would like to have lunch at the brewery afterward.

EVENT JERSEYS:  Commemorative Jerseys are available for purchase.  They are $70, and you can purchase them on the registration page for BikeReg.  You can also order one on the day of (if you want to wait to see if you will win the Winner’s Jersey!).  Jerseys purchased on the day of will take about 4 weeks to receive.

We look forward to seeing you at Dirt Farm Brewing Hill Climb!







Jersey Size charts:

Men’s Club-Cut Jersey

Size Chest Length
Small 38 – 39.5   20
Medium 40 – 42.5   20.5
Medium Tall 40 – 42.5   23.75
Large 43 – 44.5   21.5
Large Tall 43 – 44.5   24.5
X-Large 45 – 46.5   22.5
X-Large Tall 45 – 46.5   25.25
2X-Large 47 – 48.5   23.25
2X-Large Tall 47 – 48.5   26
3X-Large 49 – 50.5   24
3X-Large Tall 49 – 50.5   26.75
4X-Large 51 – 52.5   24.5
4X-Large Tall 51 – 52.5   27.25


Women’s Club-Cut Jersey

Size Chest Length
X-Small 34 – 35   19
Small 36 – 37   19.25
Medium 38 – 39   20
Medium Tall 38 – 39   22
Large 40 – 41   21
Large Tall 40 – 41   22.5
X-Large 42 – 43   21.5
X-Large Tall 42 – 43   23
2X-Large 44 – 45   22
2X-Large Tall 44 – 45   23.75
3X-Large 46 – 47   22
3X-Large Tall 46 – 47   23.75



Men’s Race-Cut Jersey

Size Chest Length
Small 35 – 36.5   19
Medium 37 – 38.5   20
Medium Tall 37 – 38.5   23.75
Large 39 – 40.5   21
Large Tall 39 – 40.5   24
X-Large 41 – 42.5   21.5
X-Large Tall 41 – 42.5   24.5
2X-Large 42 – 43.5   22
2X-Large Tall 42 – 43.5   25
3X-Large 43 – 44.5   23
3X-Large Tall 43 – 44.5   26
4X-Large 45 – 46.5   23.5
4X-Large Tall 45 – 46.5   26.25


Women’s Race-Cut Jersey

Size Chest Length
X-Small 30 – 31.5   17.5
Small 32 – 33.5   18.5
Medium 34 – 35.5   19.5
Medium Tall 34 – 35.5   21
Large 36 – 37.5   20
Large Tall 36 – 37.5   22
X-Large 38 – 39.5   21
X-Large Tall 38 – 39.5   23
2X-Large 40 – 41.5   22
2X-Large Tall 40 – 41.5   24
3X-Large 42 – 43.5   22.5
3X-Large Tall 42 – 43.5   24.5
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